Finest dosage

Our latest excipient for pharmaceutical products

Make pharmaceutical products better and safer – that is Budenheim's commitment. To ensure this, we are closely cooperating with the pharmaceutical manufacturers and develop new products. An example for this is the PharSQ® Spheres CM excipient which has the form of minute spheres that provide sustainable support for recovery from illness for being very safe products.

Tablets and capsules are among the most important pharmaceutical forms used for administering medicine. They enable physicians to prescribe a precise dosage, are easy to pack by tablet manufacturers, and can be taken easily by patients. But many people do not know that the active medicinal substance proper only makes up a small part of a tablet as the excipient provides the largest part of its volume.

So it is obvious that the excipient has to meet maximum quality requirements. Budenheim provides pure and highly functional excipients which are extremely well suited for the production of medicaments.

Many benefits for patients

PharSQ® Spheres CM are minute spheres which can be used by a pharmaceutical manufacturer to apply a desired active substance. Depending on the type of product, these small and almost perfectly round spheres have a diameter of not more than between 0.1 and 1 millimetre. They can both be pressed to a tablet shape, or be filled in capsules or sachets. Their benefits appear most clearly when they are used to support patient health in applications which require an extremely fine dosage.

The high amount of spheres in this pharmaceutical form helps to improve medicament safety. Combining spheres with different coatings also allows to perfectly adjust the release of active substances in order to specifically adapt a medicament to the actual needs of a patient.

PharSQ® Spheres CM can be coated without using any organic solvent. This excludes any risk of contamination for patients and potentially reduces the release of organic substances to the environment. As they have a very low moisture content, PharSQ® Spheres CM can also absorb active substances sensitive to water and thus widen the range of possible medicaments to be offered to patients even further. Finally, the very high density of PharSQ® Spheres CM helps to reduce the size of tablets or capsules, making things much easier for people who cannot swallow very well.

"Our PharSQ® Spheres enable pharmaceutical producers to make new, innovative and helpful medicaments."

Dr Tobias Heß,
Head of Innovation & Application Development for pharmaceutical and medical products