Closer to the customers, stronger in the world

Budenheim acquires traditional Spanish La Campana company

La Campana is a company founded back in 1800, has become a leading provider of additives for the meat-processing industry, and has a strong affinity with its customers. So it is a small wonder that this company represents a successful amalgamation for Budenheim. By acquiring a special solution provider, Budenheim is expanding its product portfolio in the strongest field of application for Food Ingredients on an international scale. But let us start at the beginning...

A new member for the Budenheim family

The year 2018 started with a new milestone in Budenheim's company history. On 11 January, Budenheim acquired all shares in the Spanish La Campana company. This traditional company based in Lliria is specialising in the development of highly innovative, ready-to-use and made-to-measure mixtures for the meat products industry. Prior to the acquisition a generational change took place among the owners of La Campana.

La Campana has a long tradition on the Spanish market, and looks back on a history of more than 200 years. The company was founded in 1800, and is considered a leading supplier of additives for the meat-processing industry in Spain. It has a sales volume of just under €40 million in the year 2017 and an above-average growth rate underline its good economic situation. Its headquarters are based in the small town of Lliria, which is situated near Valencia and also is in the immediate vicinity of Budenheim's facility in El Puig. It also has research laboratories, application engineering, training rooms and distribution centres at this place. A large part of the company's 80 employees work here. Additional sales offices are located in Mexico and Panama.

"We are very happy to welcome the new colleagues on board. They have already become a valuable part of Budenheim. Cooperation is excellent!", states

Miguel Angel Santacruz,
General Manager of Budenheim Ibérica

During the last few years, La Campana has established its international footprint and is mainly focusing on the Spanish-speaking regions in the world. The company provides services to more than 2,500 customers located in 17 countries in Europe, Central America and South America.

Close to the customers

La Campana's most important factor of success is its marked affinity with its customers. In addition to its own fleet of vehicles for customer visits, the company offers a centre for customer training which is provided with up-to-date equipment. High-tech pilot plants are available to advance new development projects. To place their orders, customers can also go to a conveniently integrated web shop. A highly sophisticated tool provides access to the largest choice of formulations for meat preparations and meat products you can find on the marketplace.

"We are happy to strengthen the Food Ingredients Team with La Campana. The product and service portfolio La Campana offers is a valuable complement which will open doors to new markets and allow sustainable growth."

Jorge Flores,
Head of the Food Ingredients Business Unit

200 years of La Campana

You want to get a picture of our new member company? Have a look at La Campana's image video here: