Sustainability – we are pushing ahead!

The energy concept used by Budenheim Ibérica

The production site of Budenheim Ibérica is based in La Zaida, Zaragoza, and has been a part of the company since 1996. It is specialising in fire protection products and makes zero-halogen flame-retardant additives which, just by this fact, significantly ease the burden both on health and on the environment. But the site itself has also been moving the topic of sustainability forward with great success for years by ensuring high energy efficiency in production, considerably reducing CO2 emissions and achieving savings worth millions.

How did you do that, Juan?

Yes, we are doing quite well when it comes to energy efficiency by now. But this would not have been possible without the commitment shown by our employees. We have reviewed our processes together, scrutinizing them in great detail in order to find opportunities for saving energy. This topic was and still is very much present for all of us, and it is firmly integrated into our day-to-day work. And we are moving forward!

How did it start?

It started in 2012 when we replaced our old electric boiler with a modern gas boiler which enabled us to save a lot of energy. This encouraged us to go even further.

What did you do then?

We fine-tuned everything in order to reduce energy consumption. In this process, we also tried out new things, practiced them for some time, and rejected them if they failed to produce the desired results. But we quickly found out which measures would help us to reach our goals:

  • Adjust process temperatures to optimum values
  • Keep an eye on energy consumption all the time
  • Use efficient technology; install new electric motors with maximum efficiency values
  • Reduce downtime in production
  • Increase plant capacity for specific processes
  • Optimise processes by eliminating the cooling system (consuming a lot of energy) for some products without impairing their quality

In the near future, we will also implement a software which will help us to see when the most important energy consumers are idle. Our plant operators can then stop the equipment concerned and avoid unnecessary power consumption.

Can you give any figures for the savings in total?

Yes, of course. Measuring savings is an essential part of the process. But other results you cannot measure like a change in awareness among the employees are extremely important, too. It is clear that our course has brought many significant benefits for us, which include, for instance:

  • The continuous review and optimisation of processes
  • A considerable reduction of CO 2 emissions by just under 10,000 metric tons since 2013
  • Large energy savings of more than 34 million kWh since 2013
  • Considerable financial savings of approx. €2 million
  • A new awareness for energy efficiency among the employees
  • Higher competitiveness

"Using energy in a sustainable way is part of our DNA."

Juan Lipe Gimeno,
Production engineer at Budenheim Ibérica

Zero-halogen flame retardants

Flame retardants are saving lives as they can delay and, in some cases, even prevent fires. But conventional halogenated flame retardants also release substances which are hazardous to the environment and to health during and after their use. Budenheim Ibérica is producing zero-halogen flame-retardant additives which are based on inorganic phosphorus compounds, and do not leave any toxic residue. In case of fire, they provide a maximum of protection without placing any additional burden on health or the environment.

Budenheim Ibérica is developing and producing more than 100 products specifically for every customer. The company is producing according to the highest quality standards and is certified according to ISO 14001:2005. Security, health, environmental protection and energy efficiency, in short, "Green Chemistry" is this company's guideline also at its Budenheim Ibérica location.