54 solar panels

Clean power at Budenheim México

At its headquarters near Monterrey, Budenheim México is producing phosphates and sodium aluminium sulphate for global markets. A special feature is its environmentally friendly energy generation using photovoltaics.

To allow running its application centre and final product storage on clean energy, the team on site had 54 solar panels installed on the roof of the raw material warehouse. A photovoltaic power system is an attractive option when a company works during the day and can use the largest part of its power generation directly for its own purposes. But the team was still surprised when they saw how big the savings really turned out.

"Since we started generating the first power with the solar panels installed at Budenheim México, we produced 2,320 kWh per month on average which corresponds to the energy consumption of approx. 9.5 standard houses in Mexico."

Sandra Garza,
Maintenance Manager at Budenheim México

Sunrise over Monterrey

Monterrey is situated in the northeast of Mexico and is the capital of the Mexican Federal State of Nuevo León. As the country is situated near the equator, the climate in Mexico is not divided into four seasons but rather into the dry and rainy seasons. In Mexico, the dry season normally lasts from November until May, and the dry season from April to October. The mean annual temperature in Monterrey amounts to 22.3 °C. So there is plenty of sunshine, and an annual average of 5.4 hours of sunshine per day provides loads of clean energy for Budenheim México.

"It is great to see how our colleagues on site are making headway in terms of solar energy!"

Dr Heinz Zorn,
Head of the Technology Office

Bravo México!

Statutory provisions require large-scale consumers in Mexico to obtain at least five percent of the amount of energy they consume from green, i.e., environmentally friendly sources.

The solar plant and other measures enable Budenheim México to already obtain 20 percent from environmentally friendly sources