Sports? Just do it!

The healthy way – an offering for all employees

We care about the health of every employee. Budenheim is making continuous efforts to create healthier working conditions, and offers many services to promote a healthy lifestyle among its employees.

bFit – be fit!

Health is both something very individual and a broad concept. To meet the needs of all employees, Budenheim is proposing a wide spectrum of actions to improve everybody's health: Check-ups, healthy nutrition, opportunities for engaging in exercise, and individual consulting to better cope with difficulties in professional and personal life. Every employee can freely select the proposals which appear most interesting to him or her. We are offering all this under the name of "bFit".

All employees from the German business location are invited to join in for the health day which is organised on a regular basis, or be part of the large team starting for the company race. Especially during the company race, employees can experience how empowering and motivating it feels to do sports together. Other actions like skin cancer screening, influenza vaccinations or anti-smoking courses round off the proposal.

bFit is integrated into the occupational health management at Budenheim. To optimise the offering, the needs of the employees are analysed on a regular basis. Everybody is invited to give feedback and participate in this analysis. And new ideas are welcome all the time!

„The activities we propose are reaching very many employees. This does not only have an effect on performance but also helps to maintain good relations among people even beyond their own departments. Combining exercise and fun is the best thing you can do for preventive health care."

Dr Heike Kemény,
Occupational Safety & Health Manager, Budenheim Germany