Muchas gracias, Budenheim!

How Budenheim México teaches democracy to school pupils

"Corporate Social Responsibility" is taken very literally here. Our colleagues from the Monterrey location in Mexico are teaching the most important social virtues to primary school children. They have been supporting the educational project for primary school children in Santa Catarina by giving classes in civics already for two years.

"Our aim is to help young people to become educated citizens who participate in democracy"

states Maria Casas who has initiated the project and works as an assistant to the local management of Budenheim México.

This sounds like a rather dull subject but a high claim. Isn't it deadly boring for children? Absolutely not. The children at Santa Catarina are very focused and wide awake while they become acquainted with their new subject of "Civics". To learn about this subject, the children come together after their regular classes for a period of six weeks. And they participate with enthusiasm whether each of them fills in a worksheet, small groups answer questions, or all of them have discussions in a plenary session.

"What I liked most was discussing about law and respect. And about what we can do for it. I have learned to respect people as they are, and to be honest to everybody."

primary pupil from Santa Caterina, Nuevo León, Mexico

„Muchas gracias, Budenheim!“

You want to see this with your own eyes? So just have a look at our video, and enjoy learning with these wonderful children together with us.

About Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina is an up-and-coming city which has about 270.000 inhabitants and is located in the metropolitan region around Monterrey on the edge of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain chain. Monterrey is situated in the northeast of Mexico and is the capital of the Mexican Federal State of Nuevo León. Monterrey is among the major industrial centres in Latin America. It is characterised by a high quality of life, and by a relatively high level of education. One of the most important cities in this region is Santa Catarina on the edge of the Sierra Madre Oriental.

Budenheim in Mexiko

Budenheim has been present in Mexico since 1999, and its registered office is based in Monterrey. The company produces goods for global markets and focuses on the production of high-grade phosphate specialities used to improve the quality of pastries. Budenheim México has been honoured by the "Mexican Secretary of Labour and Social Prevision" for being a company which exceeds the statutory requirements for working conditions with regard to the health and safety of its employees. About 120 people work at Budenheim México.