Apprentices on a secret mission

A premiere for Budenheim - the Christmas fair project

The air is sweet with the scent of fir trees and cinnamon; soup, punch and Christmas carols warm you up on the inside. Yes, it is just beautiful to enjoy the end of the year in this way. But it is even more beautiful when you are having your break on the factory premises and find a real Christmas fair.

Our trainees managed to get a large project off the ground at our German location in the past year. The organised a Christmas fair to make the run-up to Christmas even sweeter for all employees. The market was result of a training project and provided an opportunity for the apprentices to try out their capabilities while working on a project and cooperating across various trades. They included all apprenticeship trades taught at Budenheim from chemical engineering assistants to electronic technicians. To set up the fair, these young adults really broke new ground. There has never been a Christmas fair at Budenheim before.

A Christmas fair for all the colleagues

The apprentices started organising the event already in August 2018. At this time, Ronja Beuter was doing her vocational training to become an assistant for industrial business management. She took a responsible position in all the planning work. The objective was to set up a Christmas fair with all the bits and pieces, i.e., stalls, food and drinks and, as a matter of course, create all the Christmas atmosphere. The right decoration was also part of the plan. So they decorated Budenheim's Christmas fir tree by every trick in the book, and the entrance hall gleamed in the company's blue and white colours. "This was very well received by everyone", Ronja states happily.

And the Christmas fair? A number of wooden stalls were put up on the company premises. Hot and soft drinks were sold across the bars. And for a meal, people could have hearty soups or grilled sausages delivered by a regional butcher. The booth offering delicious sweets also scored big sales. The fair was a complete success, and was very well visited. It offered a cosy get-together to all employees in the run-up to Christmas, an opportunity for having pleasant conversations and delicious meals and drinks. The ideal event to get into a real Christmas mood.

"It is nice not to miss out on the pre-Christmas period in the company. After all, you spend most of your time at the factory. And if you can help and finally support a good cause being an apprentice, this is even greater!"

Ronja Beuter,
now an industrial business administration assistant at Budenheim.

Although it involved organisational efforts across various departments and certainly inspired much joyful anticipation, the apprentices successfully kept the project secret for a long time. "After all, the Christmas fair was meant to be a surprise", Ronja explains. There also was another surprise they kept to themselves until Christmas. They donated the proceeds of the fair, which turned out to be quite a sum with EUR 1000, to the Mainz child protection association. Are we going to have another Christmas fair at Budenheim this year? "That's still written in the stars!", she stated laughing.

"Our apprentices worked hand in hand and completed the project with excellent results!"

Jana Laufersweiler,
employee from Budenheim Germany's department for training and further education

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21 December 2018

Great action! Budenheim has never seen anything like that! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you! Please repeat this.

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