Finest dosage

Our objective is to make pharmaceuticals better and safer. Our new product is barely 0.1 millimetres big and allows developing new medicines.

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Closer to the customers, stronger in the world

From a small spice shop to a leading formulator for food additives And what Budenheim has to do with it.

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At the steel mill

The product and service portfolio Budenheim offers is very varied and does not cover the food and pharmaceutical areas only. Budenheim also proposes solutions of a very different and highly technical nature. These ones, for instance, are hot or rather very hot.

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When the water level falls in the Rhine River

What are the consequences of climate change for companies and their production? A young employee from the company's facility in Budenheim, Germany has looked into this question in his Master’s thesis.

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54 solar panels

Since 2018, Budenheim's facility in Mexico has been generating its own clean power in cooperation with the sun. It is just amazing to see how big the savings potential is.

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Sustainability – we are pushing ahead

Budenheim Ibérica has been reducing its energy consumption continuously since 2012. Production engineer Juan Lipe Gimeno tells us about the most successful actions taken to achieve this.

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Sports? Just do it!

Exercise, nutrition and check-ups: What the Budenheim company is doing to promote the health of its employees.

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Apprentices on a secret mission

What are Budenheim's apprentices doing in August? Preparing the Christmas fair, of course.

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Muchas gracias, Budenheim!

Maria Casas from Budenheim's México location has a very specific idea about this company's social responsibility. Read here how she and her colleagues run an educational project for children.

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Dr. Thomas Jagella
Quality, Excellence and Sustainability Manager

Jens Voigt
Energy and Environment Manager, Budenheim Germany

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